Black History Month Celebrations


On Tuesday 1st November 2016 the African Health Policy Network celebrated Black History Month 2016 at Durning Hall, Forest Gate. It was a very special occasion, celebrating the diversity among our members. Ffena members attended wearing colourful outfits to signify the different cultures and countries represented.

This celebration was also an opportunity to mark the different levels of community engagement in the local areas. There has been a lot of work in the Health Sector which has been directly influenced by Ffena members in their localities. On this day Ffena members had time to reflect on how their efforts had not only been informative but have influenced the health policies affecting them.

We had a time to share our musical abilities with the help of IROKO THEATRE and DANCE GROUP. They provided us the opportunity to explore music as a means of therapy for people living with long time illnesses. With the use of their resources we had a time to play different types of musical instruments, including African drums. Relating to the overarching theme of diversity, the group got into a dancing mood: sharing different types of dance moves from different countries. This lit the room with joy and happiness; the group also enjoyed a hot African meal.  

The day was wound up with more dancing to native songs and networking.