Decline in Exercise Levels among Children


The amount of exercise done by children aged 7 and above has been reported to have declined in the UK. Previously, it was believed it was during adolescence that children reduced the amount if physical activity that they participated in. However, a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has suggested that this happens at a much earlier age.

Although research cannot confirm the causes of the decline in physical activity, Professor John Reilly from the University of Strathclyde has mentioned that children now spend more time sitting than before, and that schools need to become more active environments.

But he emphasised that activities outside school also had an important role to play because children only spent half of their year at school in total.  

Many children do not get enough physical exercise, and this may lead to health conditions like childhood obesity.

Childhood obesity is an issue faced by many children who are African or of African descent. The AHPN feels that childhood obesity is a major concern and more action needs to be taken in order to eliminate the health inequalities that leads such conditions.