An update on Multiple drug resistance-TB


We know that Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection that affects your lungs and people in contact with sufferers or living in crowded conditions.

Very recently multiple drug resistance Tuberculosis has been on the news due to its threat to Public health in England.

Antibiotics are heavily relied upon because they are also used to treat so many infection. The last Antibiotics were developed 30 years ago and now with the rise of multiple drug resistance, we need to cut back on prescribing antibiotics especially when they are not needed.

According to the World Health Organisation, 480 000 have developed multiple drug resistance (MDR-TB) in 2014 and 190 000 died as a result of MDR-TB.

Drug resistance is increasing in areas with weak drug control programmes and patients with active TB can pass it on from one individual to another.

The World Health Organisation is urging people to expand on rapid testing and detection of drug resistant cases to TB