WHO:Linking red meat/processed meat to Cancer


According to the World Health Organisation, eating processed meat may cause colorectal cancer according to evidence provided by the International Agency of Research on Cancer which is the known to be the best scientific evidence.

Processed meat has now been added to the cancer causing categories which include alcohol and plutonium. A Dr Kurt Straif from WHO advised that the risk of developing bowel cancer increases with the consumption of red meat and Cancer Research UK is also advising to cut down on the consumption of red meat.

Although red meat has nutritional value with it being a major source of Zinc and Vitamin B12, its findings are important to enable countries have a better balanced diet.

The African and African Caribbean community are generally known to consume a high amount of meat however they also experience a higher prevalence of some cancers for example prostate cancer.

It is important generally to always live a healthy life style with everything in moderation for a longer and healthy life.