African Health Policy Network International Partnership work with MICDAK

In a move to strengthen international links and partnership work, AHPN has strong engagement with MICDAK , an HIV Organisation in Ghana s Ashanti Region in North Sentesco area. AHPN s community engagement officer visited this organisation and spent some time with MICDAK service users. This was an opportunity as we all a time of reflecting on the issues that involve their health and wellbeing. It was also an opportunity for us to share good practices for the benefit of our brothers and sisters in Africa.

A group of 10 people living with HIV including young adults where invited to meet the AHPN officer. The group was treated to refreshments and a short introduction about AHPN and the relationship involved. We discussed about the importance of adherence which is a major issue within this community. Other issues like diet and co-morbidities where touched on. The positive energy in the room was most praised.

AHPN donated bags of rice since it was the festive season, condoms as well as financing Health Insurance for the 10 members who attended this session. This was the most fulfilling activity of the visit. AHPN had the opportunity of witnessing MICDAK s new office facility. With a donation of computers for AHPN, the organisation is working with a team of 10 volunteers to roll out some of its project in the community. We look forward to strengthen these ties in future and we hope this will bring back the lost hope and smiles to people living with HIV in this organisation. We are each other`s keeper.