Ffena is a network of Africans in the UK living with and affected by HIV. The network enables African people living with HIV in the UK to share their experiences of living with the virus and make their voices heard. Ffena is a Luganda word meaning '[we] all together'. The Ffena network is the only national network of African people living with and affected by HIV. Ffena informs and invigorates the African Health Policy Network's work in policy, research and practice. By interacting with and learning from Africans in the UK living with and affected by HIV and sexual health conditions, AHPN gains greater understanding of the particular issues and concerns that affect them.

Ffena is a unique network and is hugely important for its members and for the AHPN. The feedback it provides is invaluable in influencing AHPN's policy and research work, and ensures AHPN's work is authoritative. Furthermore, participation in the network offers a unique opportunity for its members to develop key skills and provide their feedback. As Ffena continues to grow, the package of benefits offered to its members will continue to improve and become more comprehensive, and the variety of opportunities it presents will increase.

Aims of Ffena

• To enable African people living with and affected by HIV to participate meaningfully in AHPN activities and the wider policy society and make their voices heard
• To ensure that all Ffena members benefit from membership of the network
• To increase the opportunities for participation in the management of the network and to develop personal skills
• To expand membership of the network and ensure that participation is open to all

Objectives of Ffena
To enable Africans in the UK living with and affected by HIV to:

• Engage in influencing policy, research and practice
• Enable AHPN to learn from people's experiences
• Have a voice in the decisions that affect their lives

Benefits of membership of Ffena

• Become an ambassador for Africans in the UK living with and affected by HIV
• Participate in consultations and focus groups to share your views
• Contribute to national debates and influence change
• Advice, support and training to support involvement activities
• Attend, participate in and contribute to AHPN events
• Access to AHPN resources

Recent projects

Ffena is involved in the BHIVA PROM and PREMS research program which was developed to understand the experiences of People Living with HIV when accessing treatment and care from different parts of the country. A total of 100 PLWHIV from 8 Ffena satellites participated in this research. This information will be used to develop better HIV treatment and care services from various specific areas in the UK as well improve theses services.

Ffena members also took part in the Gilead funded Patient Treatment Choices survey. This was developed to understand how HIV patients would prefer to take their treatment. This survey was to understand the issues faced by PLWHIV , adherence issues as well as side effects. This survey would help pharmaceutical companies that produce these drugs improve their products for the best uptake of HIV treatment.

To find out more and to join the network contact Maureen Ndawana on: 020 8555 5778 or email: maureen.ahpn@btconnect.com 

NB: We welcome people of all ages, experiences and with diverse interest areas: Young people, women, over 50s, men, LGBT/sexual minorities, carers/partners/dependents


Want to have your say?

"The African Health Policy Network is encouraging HIV patients to complete the online survey analysing patients preferences associated to HIV treatments. The survey may allow patient organisations, physicians and pharmaceutical industries to improve interactions related to HIV management". To complete the survey follow link below