AHPN believes that health is not an accident, it is an outcome. In addition there are structural, social, economic, cultural and individual 'intersecting' factors which will impact on this outcome. In order to understand, and address, the outcomes it is necessary to understand the causal factors involved. The recent killings at the church in Charleston, South Carolina, reveal the burning white hot racist heat that lies at the heart of modern America and follow hard on the heels of a multitude of police slayings of Black men, unarmed and apparently executed. The President speaks of gun laws and gun control but Africans in the diaspora will know that this is a side issue. The real issue here is the inability of America to come to terms with, acknowledge and lay bare its recent past. The 'health' of the nation is not an accident. It is an outcome of a past mired in genocide, pillage, ethnic cleansing, WMD, slavery and repetition of the above. In the wake of Charleston Revd. Jesse Jackson has commentated on the fact that current events merely reflect centuries of institutional and active political terrorism. He says that our outrage at Charleston should be matched with outrage at disproportionate infant mortality rates, unemployment, and imprisonment rates, higher rates of poverty, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes and mental health. Unless Africans in the diaspora come together to, as Jackson says, force the political committment and necessary accompanying financial budget, we are looking at many more African lives and livelihoods lost and many more Charlestons.