"More children have mental illnesses now compared with two years ago"


More children are suffering from mental illness according to a poll taken by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ALT). More than 850 staff surveyed agreed that they had noticed an increase since 2013.

The results of the poll showed that more than a quarter of students in their schools or colleges were affected by mental health problems meaning that they had to provide more support for them. While 90% of staff documented having to provide extra support for these students, 43% of staff stated that they found it harder to access services for students suffering with mental illnesses. Many blamed cuts to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for this difficulty. "Having to manage a growing crisis in young people's mental health and decreasing access to expert support makes their jobs so much harder." States Lucie Russell campaigns director for the charity Young Minds.

The results of this poll comes after the allocation of £1.25 billion by the government to mental health services which will mainly go to providing services for children with mental illnesses. Ms Russell promised that the charity will hold the next government to account to ensure that the proposals made to improve children’s mental health services were implemented.