Public Health England to introduce - ‘Dry January’ A new campaign


There is a new Public Health campaign to urge drinkers especially during this festive period to have a ‘Dry January’ because of obvious health issues.

Today termed ‘Booze Black Friday’ by PHE is supposed to be the biggest drinking day of the year. It is said that every December alone Brits spend £2.31 billion on alcohol.

The PHE and Alcohol concern show that 2 in 5 of us who drink more than usual during the festive period feel the need to slow down after the festive period.

Individuals are being encouraged to take a break in January ‘Dry January’ to reset drinking habits and to reduce the number of people that would be brought into the hospitals due to excessive alcohol consumption. Research was carried out previously this year which showed 67% of participants with reduced levels of drinking 6 months after completing ‘Dry January’.

In the African and Caribbean community, excessive alcohol consumption has an impact on behaviour, crime and domestic violence. AHPN supports the ‘Dry January’ campaign.