Can exercise stop Prostate Cancer from spreading?


We know prostate cancer affects 43,000 UK men and it is the second most common cause of cancer after lung cancer. It also affects a high number of men in the African and Caribbean community.

This theory is being put to test by a team in Sheffield Hallam University which is being backed up by Cancer Research UK.

A small trial is being carried out on 50 men for 12 months who have prostate cancer which hasn’t spread with the aim of testing the functionally of aerobic exercise. They also want to show the NHS that exercises is a treatment and should be offered on the NHS.

Several tests will be done on the men and their blood will be monitored, if this is beneficial, a larger scale trial will be carried out.

A Professor from Cancer Research UK has said that exercising is good for all of us generally and this is something we should incorporate into our life style.