Members of the UK political party participate in early HIV testing


This is a press release for WORLDS AIDS DAY

This took place to mark WORLD AIDS DAY with the aim of tackling HIV within 5 years. This was supported by the Halve it campaign and the ALL-Party Parliamentary Group on HIV & AIDS. It was said that 17 parliamentarians took a confidential point-of-care test administered by clinicians from Chelsea and Westminster hospital NHS Foundation Trust, to demonstrate the UK’s policy commitment to HIV testing.

The Halve it campaign group are doing this for the third time to encourage HIV testing amongst clinicians, politicians, CEO’s etc in a wide setting .

Halve it is a national coalition that focuses on the expansion of HIV testing services focusing on early testing to save lives which will lead to a reduction in the Public health budget. It started in 2012 and has since been supported by the Prime minister, leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and the leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The African Health Policy Network is a supporter of the Halve It campaign. We will always support early testing of HIV in all communities.