Positive conversations

AHPN has been involved in the development of a new tool to encourage meaningful and positive dialogue between patients and health care service providers in their local areas. POSITIVE CONVERSATIONS is a project initially developed with the help of a fund from Gilead and by the people living with HIV from different locations in the UK. There has been a gap between healthcare service providers and patients and this is a tools that has been developed to make life easier for both parties to improve the standard of care especially for the patients as well as better outcomes. Our own Ffena members where part of this project and this has been a milestone for us. This is the meeting point between the patients and the Health care providers. The NHS goal for the greater involvement of the HIV patients has been met and we are happy to announce that this has been one of the successful initiatives.

This tool was launched to the wider community as well as HIV service providers nationally. The launch was held at a local city hotel in London. At least 80 people attended this event and our own Community Engagement officer was among the panellists. Stronger networks where built as well as great ideas where shared.

This project is being rolled out to community based organized nationally and CBOs are encouraged to apply for their organisation packs and they are free. One of the community representatives is going round the country to empower , equip and educate people living with the HIV virus to make use of this strong tool for better treatment and care . For more information please click here.