Could dogs change the way we detect prostate cancer?


A study using dogs to detect men with prostate cancer has shown some promising results.The study used two trained explosive-detection sniffer dogs to identify urine samples of men with prostate cancer. To test them, researchers used urine samples of healthy women, healthy men and men with prostate cancer. One dog identified all the samples of men with prostate cancer and the other dog identified 98.6% of them.

The study suggests that dogs could potentially be trained to differentiate and identify men with prostate cancer. However as the study explains it is unlikely that we will actually be using dogs to identify prostate cancer in the future. What is interesting is establishing the chemicals the dogs are detecting in the urine as a way of developing and improving our methods of detection. Researchers say there is a need for a better way to detect prostate cancer and the next step is to test whether dogs can accurately detect men who have prostate cancer but have not yet been diagnosed with the disease.